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Florida's first private university...

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If you have a specific question, PLEASE check out the community MEMORIES first! Scroll down and you should see a link for these memories. They answer common questions.

This is a community for Stetson University! It's for anyone who is interested in Stetson, goes there already, wants to go there, lives in the town, knows OF it and likes it....yes, you get my point.


o1 No flame wars. No one will get attacked for their opinion. Defending is one thing, and blatantly attacking is another. There will be no discrimation of any kind on this board. That includes but is not limited to: race, gender, political beliefs, and religion.

o2 No deleting comments made to your post. Anonymous comments are screened, but if you feel like they shouldn't be posted, then you IM me or the co-mod, and you ask us. If we give you permission to delete the comment, you can. If you don't want comments on your post at all, then don't allow them. It saves a lot of headache.

o3 The least the mods ask is to be respected. If you don't like the layout, the way things are handled, or something in the rules, then don't write an entry complaining about it. IM or E-mail us. We'll listen to you, and we'll do what we can.

o4 You don't have to remain on topic here if you really don't want to. I don't care. I don't really think anyone else cares. Use this community however you want. Complain about parking tickets if you want to... of course it should be SOMEWHAT related to Stetson, that would make sense, but no one is going to get a warning for anything stupid like that.

o5 Be careful when "trashing" a club or an organization. If it's too much, and too many people get upset, then you won't be able to stay. Of course, you're allowed to express your opinion, but in a respectful manner. Nothing immature, please.

o6 Advertise. This is just in the rules because I want it to be...you don't actually have to do it. But it's greatly appreciated. The more people we have here, the more productive we are. Just think of it that way.

o7 This rule is a once in every four/three years occurance. When I graduate, this community will be passed down. Likely to a freshman or a sophomore. When they graduate, it's their turn to pass it down. If someone breaks this tradition, I expect members to contact me immediatly and let me know. I'm never going to take my own name off as maintainer, I just won't be "in charge" anymore, unless something like that occurred. But I plan on choosing responsible people, and those people to, in turn, pick more responsible people.

o8 This community will not be used as grounds to stalk any student, graduate, or staff member of Stetson University. If I find out that someone is using it to do so, then, depending on the situation, campus security could actually get involved.

o9 If you break any of these rules, then you will first get a warning. Don't think I won't remember you, because I will. The second time you break a rule (whether it's the same one or a different one,) then you will be banned from the community. The only exception to this is the stalking rule (sorry, but if you stalk, I'm going to have to ban you.)

o10 Have fun, and thanks for joining!

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