elihamsa (elihamsa) wrote in stetson_u,

Accounting help?

first of all... is this thing on?


lol, just seeing if anyone's still here on this community.

okay, so. i'm wondering if anyone here is taking or did take an intro accounting class? (did anyone else hate it, too? jk) i took it last spring and i've been thinking that i ought to share with other accounting/business students (or non-majors who are just taking an intro accounting or finance class for some requirement or other) something that really helped me out with the class. it's an online tutorial/refresher course for basic financial accounting knowledge: <a href="https://www.gleim.com/accounting/fame?io>Gleim financial accounting made easy.</a> the course does cost money if you're going to buy the whole thing, but the first study unit is free to try. i just gave the first unit a try and it seemed like a really worthwhile thing, so i ended up buying it (well, okay--poor college student, so my mom got it ;) )

anyway, if anyone tries that and likes it, that would be cool. i'd feel good about sharing something with the rest of the world, lol.

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